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Labyrinth is a design and development consultancy headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Since its founding in 1980, Labyrinth has provided their national and international clients with specialized services, by creating teams that lead their shopping centres, airports, and mixed-use developments through various stages of planning, design, consultation and construction. Combining hands-on experience and access to a limitless range of specialists that make up our teams, the following characteristics have allowed Labyrinth to provide the highest level of professional services, while consistently delivering projects that are on or below the set budgets.

1. We know Retail
Labyrinth understands the unique nature of retail, providing immediate and workable solutions to design and implementation problems, without a necessary learning curve required by many other general consultants.

2. We are cost effective
Labyrinth’s project fees are infinitely more competitive, than our competition‘s. This is directly due to our flexible size and the use of outside experts, keeping our overheads low, that inevitably result in lower fees.

3. We assemble the Right TEAM for the project
Labyrinth enlists, assembles and manages the expertise of other specialists on a project-by project basis, bypassing costs charged by larger firms obliged to use their internal staff, whether they are needed or not.

4. We are thorough
Labyrinth creates construction documents that are both technically accurate and thoroughly coordinated with tenant lease commitments. We treat tenants as partners not as adversaries, ensuring they, and all the various contractors, work towards the same common goal: completion of the projects that are on time, and on the budget.